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Our History

When we started SQALogic, our main goal was to connect with people and establish a local network of consultants where our clients would have access to the best resources wherever and whenever they needed them. We developed our strategies based on a growing need in many industries where quality control took precedence over Software Quality Assurance.

Our dream has grown and so has our network. Active globally, SQALogic now provides a wide range of services and products from various suppliers to offer you a totally technologically agnostic solution.

Our vision is to guide our clients in adopting a proactive as opposed to reactive approach to quality assurance. This way, you’ll know how to deal with potential issues and vulnerabilities before they even appear. SQALogic is constantly improving and developing its business relationships. As a trusted advisor to our partners we are constantly leveraged to resolve the most complex cases.

Our Mission

SQALogic is a center of expertise and training specialized in software quality assurance.
Our Mission: to help customers find the right solutions to their complex quality assurance problems.

By its agnostic position vis-à-vis the panoply of tools and software, SQALogic guarantees the best solutions adapted to your needs. Also specialized in work methodologies, its experts master both Agile and DevOps solutions.

In addition to this, we offer a diverse selection of services ranging from IT consulting to a training platform, including a mentoring program for young graduates and personalized turnkey solutions to name but a few.

SQALogic' values and missions

Meet the SQALogic Team

SQALogic is in perpetual search for excellence. Founded on the principle of being the best at what we do and providing the best possible service to our clients, we have selected our team and consultants to meet and exceed all expectations. We strive to exceed our customer’s highest expectations by overcoming their complex process, human and technological challenges.

Between the core team and our consultants, SQALogic has a combined experience of over 100 years in the industry and continues to grow!