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SQALogic's Mission

When SQALogic started up our main goal was to connect with people and create an international network of experts where our clients could get the best resources where and when they needed them. We developed our strategies based on an ever growing need across numerous industries where quality control dominated over Quality Assurance.

Part of our vision is helping our clients to be proactive vs reactive and to get out in front of potential issues and vulnerabilities even before they see them coming. We specialize in helping you get where you need to be, and we are passionate about what we do!

Our dream grew and so did our network. We can now provide a wide range of Quality based products and services across many different platforms worldwide! Our methods prove that the right tools can yield the best results with little effort from our clients. Even our partners love working with us, and often consult with us for the more intricate of cases.

Leave it to us, this is what we do!

Our Goal

SQALogic began with one main goal in mind; to help clients find the right solutions to their seemingly complex assurance issues. It doesn’t have to be complicated, our team is here to support you through all phases of your quality projects. We pride ourselves on being the best of the best and providing top notch service and support. We provide the right people at the right time!

Our Methods & Tools

SQALogic consultants are specialized in all aspects of QA. Our strengths come from our experience across varying industries. Our team is quickly able to assess needs, risks, and evaluate processes. SQALogic ‘s proven methods identify areas where improvement is needed and we develop a plan to implement the right solution. Our team is certified in all the tools that we offer, a unique feature in our industry.

Our Training & Services

From on-site training for an already established team to webinars for beginners, we have the right tools in continuing education. Our workshops are engaging, dynamic and interactive. We have certified trainers who are experts in their respective fields available for various subjects such Lifecycle Management, Performance, Capacity, Functional, Accelerated Testing, etc.

How Can We Help

Sustain Growth Across Your Business

Our team is available to discuss how to get your business on the right track to improve your Quality Assurance. Start being proactive!

Meet the SQALogic Team

SQALogic is founded on the principals of being the best at what we do, and providing the best service to our clients. We handpicked our team and our consultants to meet and exceed every expectation.

Between the core team and our consultants, SQALogic has a combined experience of over 50 years in the industry, and are still growing! We thrive on challenges and look forward to working with you.