Load testing solution
Load testing solution

The load testing solution that exceeds your expectations

How our load testing solution surpasses the competition?

LoadLogic is a unique load testing solution offered by SQALogic. This is advanced solution allows us to test and optimize your infrastructures while being integrated to your devops and agile worflow.

By leveraging our own infrastructure and testing tools, we allow you to drastically reduce the costs associated with such an exercise while facilitating the process. In effect, you will not need to carry out the tests, which can prove to be long and complex, nor to enter into the tedious process of acquiring and deploying an expensive it tool.

With LoadLogic, test anywhere, anytime and in any environment.

SQALogic’s infrastructures allow you to perform your tests anywhere in the world. From Lapland to New York via Paris or Singapore, we cover all the desired geographic areas.

Our LoadLogic solution supports the vast majority of target environments that you would like to test. However, if you already have a tool in place, we advise you to contact us so that we can adapt our solution to your tools. This way, you will assure yourself to reach your targets in matter of software quality assurance.

Thanks to our expertise, you are guaranteed unparalleled quality service.

By using our infrastructure, you can ensure that you can perform the tests that suit you without impact or risk of damaging your it infrastructure. Our load tests can be performed anywhere in the world and for any volume. Whether you are looking to simulate an activity of 10, 50 or 1,000,000 users, we will be able to make your project happen.

Contact us today for a proof a concept and to start using our load testing solution.


Reduce the loss of business opportunities!
Improve your customer's satisfaction and their user experience.
Improve your SEO and increase your traffic!

The performance validation test for your website:

You don’t know where to start and / or want to make a first diagnosis? No problem ! SQALogic presents its preliminary diagnosis solution to you.

At the unbeatable price of :

999 $CAD

Our preliminary diagnosis will allow you to quickly identify if your infrastructures can support the volume of users expected as well as your improvements opportunities in order to make effective decisions.


  • One (1) script of up to 50 steps
  • One (1) Scalability Test Run of up to 1 hour
  • One (1) status report

Satisfied with our solution but you want to go further?

If you feel the need to go further in your approach and you require complete support in order to optimize the performance of your IT infrastructures, we have other more complete offering that can be adapted according to your needs.

In addition, if you have already benefited from our preliminary diagnostic solution, we are offering you a discount of $ 250 on your next LoadLogic solution.

Our prices

A saving ofN/A
Number of scripts3 scripts of max 50 steps
Number of tests run1
Contract's duration1 Week
Includes: 1 detailed analysis
A saving of$1,500
Number of scripts5 scripts of max 50 steps
Number of tests runs5
Contract's duration2 Weeks
Includes:5 detailed analysis
A saving of$5,000
Number of scripts10 scripts of max 50 steps
Number of tests runs10
Contract's duration4 Weeks
Includes:10 detailed analysis

If turnkey service solutions are not for you, we can provide a tailor-made solution to meet your exact business needs.

Try our calculator now to estimate the costs of your project.

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