Load Testing On Steroids!

As of January 2020, Amazon AWS is still the undisputed leader of the cloud computing industry, with an estimated 70% of the market. LoadLogic is the first entirely cloud-based load testing platform that runs on Amazon EC2 (Elastic Cloud Computing). This means that it isn’t just the load agents that run in the cloud like you see with other tools, but everything runs in the cloud. When you run LoadLogic in Amazon EC2, you are given a dedicated server with a built-in load agent that you can use for 8 cents an hour to run tests with as many as 250 virtual users. That means you can spend 8 hours a day,  5 days a week building and running load tests for $3.20 USD- $1.20 less than the price of a Starbucks Grande (i.e., small)!

Sure, you can say “but wait, JMeter costs nothing to use”. That’s true, but JMeter requires a competent Java developer to make real use of it. We strongly believe that developers should be developing applications, not tests – a person who has never written a line of Java or C# code in their life can learn how LoadLogic works in less than hour and quickly become proficient in it. If that isn’t worth a small cup of coffee a week, we don’t know what is!

EC2 is not the only service offered by AWS – there is a dizzying array of other services as well. To become proficient using EC2 alone you must become familiar with concepts and terms like AMI (Amazon Machine Images) instance type, key pairs, security groups, elastic IPs, snapshots, volumes and so forth.  Realizing that all of this represents a significant barrier to the average person’s ability to learn and use the service, Amazon has developed an elaborate API that lets vendors overcome this barrier. It combines a number of components, like the Lambda language, SAM (Serverless Application Model) applications, IAM (user roles and policies), CloudFormation (a combination of resources being exposed to end users), and more. But the net result is that the SQALogic cloud portal lets you quickly and easily start, stop, reboot and terminate your LoadLogic instances without having to know anything about all the complexity behind the scenes.

When you create your LoadLogic account on the SQAlogic web site, it will ask you for your AWS account ID, which is the first item on the My Account page. If you don’t already have an AWS account, don’t worry – we won’t tell anyone, your secret is safe with us. But in all seriousness, it’s super easy if you already have an Amazon account, otherwise it takes about 3 minutes. Just do it, no need to be any later than you already are to the Cloud Computing Party!

Next it will present a temporary key that needs to be copied with Ctrl-C and a link to the LoadLogic SAM application – clicking on this link will log you in to AWS if you aren’t already logged in, (but you are if you just copied your account ID). Paste your temporary key in the designated field and then press the Deploy button on the LoadLogic SAM form. And that’s it! The SAM is like a contract between SQALogic and you, defining all the resources you are allowed to use and controlling access to them.

The Prelaunch version of LoadLogic software will be available free of charge for a one-month period, without limitations on the number of virtual users or the amount of times the tests can be executed. (No credit card required!)

Don’t delay this offer won’t last!