Redefining the industry

SQALogic redefines the consulting industry with its network of experts. The will behind the creation of the Network remains above all to participate in the evolution of the software quality assurance industry. The SQALogic Network wants to identify and develop the best practices of the industry in order to promote them. This Network is for professionals who are passionate about their field: passion and expertise are the two cornerstones of the Network. The SQALogic Network brings together experts in software quality assurance in the form of a partnership and with a view to collaboration. This collaboration can take many forms: carrying out mandates for SQALogic, participating in webinars or writing articles. Our goal is to help our industry grow by pushing experts to excel.

Savings for you

At SQALogic, we know how costly a mandate can sometimes be, by accumulating too many consultants for too long. We refuse to waste your time and money on a never-ending mandate, which is why the SQALogic Network allows you to have access to the right person, at the right time, in the right place and only when necessary.

Understand the Network in 90 seconds

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The SQALogic Difference

An international Network of expertsOur Network of experts makes the talents and innovative ideas of industry leaders accessible. These independent experts are present in the four corners of the globe and give us privileged access to international best practices.
A multidisciplinary NetworkThe network, being multidisciplinary, allows SQALogic to approach your needs in a strategic manner. The specialized vision of our experts will quickly and precisely target the different causes of your problem, while proposing solutions adapted to your business reality.
An actif NetworkThe Network is part of a common exchanges mentality and we ask for an implication on the part of our experts. This involvement translates into non-monetary participation in the development of the quality of the Network by investing in innovative, stimulating projects that create opportunities.