An agnostic approach to partnerships

SQALogic members have been working in the field of quality assurance for 25 years. We have come to know and work with all of the key players in our industry, creating lasting business relationships.

Our partnerships are not focused on a single company, technology or product. Our agnostic approach allows us to provide unbiased, expert advice that promotes quality and innovation. From industry-leading companies to thought leaders, we know which partner to call to find the best solution for your business.

Our software partners

Micro FocusCoupled with their solutions, our unparalleled expertise has earned us Platinum status, which represents the highest possible status at Micro Focus. SQALogic is also one of the few Micro Focus representatives worldwide authorized to provide local Level 1 and Level 2 support, remotely or on-site, in French or English, through its Software Support Services (SSI) accreditation.
About MicroFocusMicro Focus solutions have dominated the industry for many years, under various names, and are still often invoked for enterprise-wide functional testing such as in application delivery (LoadRunner, UFT and ALM), IT operations management (Service Manager a.k.a. SMAX), security (Fortify and ArcSight) as well as data analysis (Vertica).Learn more
TricentisSQALogic is considered a Tricentis Premium Partner, meaning that our certified staff is among the most qualified to ensure smooth project delivery and the most cost-effective implementations for our clients. SQALogic offers services and software in test acceleration and test automation, as well as taking advantage of Tricentis' Tosca continuous testing technology.
About TricentisTricentis has established itself as a leader in the testing industry, primarily through its innovative approach to making automation easier to learn without sacrificing advanced functionality. Tricentis offers a fundamentally different way of approaching software testing, dramatically accelerating digital transformation, application delivery and cloud migration.Learn more
RTTSSQALogic has successfully deployed their technology to our customers, enabling them to mitigate risk and realize huge savings. Whether it's ETL, data warehousing or big data testing, we have the solution. We are also RTTS certified trainers and implementation specialists in both English and French. Whether it's training, mentoring, or implementation strategies, let SQALogic help you implement an effective data testing solution.
About RTTSData has become the most important asset a company owns, and of all the things that make them unique, their customer data and industry knowledge provides them with a strategic competitive advantage.As a leader in the field, RTTS' Querysurge has proven to be a powerhouse in data testing.Learn more
FunctionizeWe believe Functionize has the skills and knowledge to be leaders in the new AI technology space. We are proud to have them as a partner. SQALogic has developed a strong relationship with Functionize, enabling our customers to reap the benefits of machine learning today, not tomorrow.
About FunctionizeArtificial intelligence technologies continue to advance and evolve, bringing new possibilities and tools to help deliver profitable projects faster than ever before. Quality assurance and testing are no exception to this new reality. Any organization aiming to maintain the speed of testing required in the new agile DevOps world must have a strategy to immobilize and leverage this emerging technology.Learn more
GenRocketSQALogic recognizes GenRocket as true software innovators when it comes to creating synthetic data to address the various risks that businesses may face. GenRocket presented itself as the most relevant solution in our eyes and that is why it seemed logical to add them to our portfolio of partners.
About GenRocketOne of the main challenges of successfully implementing a test automation framework is, without a doubt, access to clean and representative data. Never in the history of the IT world has the importance of having a test data management solution been so important due to the obligations imposed by RGPD, the Canadian Privacy Act and HIPAA. A breach in this area can be disastrous for your company.Learn more
Redline 13At SQALogic, we are convinced that in order to offer the best solutions, we need the best tools. In terms of load testing, we have concluded that the tool offered by Redline13 is not only the most suitable but also the most efficient. That's why we decided to add Redline13 to our list of partners to offer you a complete load testing solution.
About Redline 13Knowing the limits of your infrastructure is essential. The importance of mastering this information was revealed during the first wave of covid. Many organizations were unable to properly equip themselves to deal with the new market reality. Through performance testing, especially load testing, organizations are able to accurately define the limits of their infrastructure.Learn more
Testim io
TestimTest automation has always had a special place at SQALogic. We believe that test automation is becoming a standard in software quality assurance. By implementing test automation in our solutions, we will help our customers grow and, more importantly, achieve better overall quality in the industry.
About TestimTestim is the company that embodies this reality. With their artificial intelligence solution, they make the testing process easier for any company. More than that, they seek to develop, empower and enable individuals. As a result, their presence in the industry is bringing long term change for their customers.Learn more
WorksoftSQAlogic is proud to be a Worksoft partner. Through this business relationship, SQALogic provides certified and experienced resources to help you implement your Worksoft testing framework. With many years of industry experience and projects completed worldwide with high satisfaction rates, you can be sure that your testing will be done correctly, on time and on budget!
About WorksoftIn response to the rapid and relentless changes facing their customers, Worksoft has made the strategic choice to deliver unprecedented value from a consistent automation platform for pre- and post-production environments. Their Connective Automation solution seamlessly connects the entire business process lifecycle, from process intelligence to testing to RPA.Learn more

Our strategic partners

NumanaSince its creation, SQALogic has always been committed to promoting best practices in software quality assurance. Above all, we want to contribute to the growth of our industry by actively participating in knowledge sharing and the creation of innovative ideas. Numana was an ideal strategic partner. Not only for its desire to bring together innovative players, but especially for its desire to create more value for the technology industry.
About NumanaFounded in 2007, Numana, a non-profit organization, contributes significantly to economic and social vitality by bringing together stakeholders from the private, institutional and public technology sectors around common goals and concerted actions. Positive, technological and human, the Numana name is forward-looking. It embodies a desire to develop new technologies for the people of tomorrow.Learn more
Collab MachineSQALogic's partnership with Collabmachine is one of mutual value to our clients. Collabmachine aims to provide project development solutions and services to make your vision a reality. SQALogic brings its experience to your projects to ensure that the applications you have built with Collabmachine are functional, secure and run within the desired response time. You've invested in building your application, make sure it works with SQALogic!
About Collab MachineCollab Machine is an organized community that facilitates business relationships between talents and organizations. It provides the support to collaborate independently from A to Z in a supportive network based on trust. Through their platform, you can easily connect with professionals for your project, or simply access a multitude of services to help you achieve your business goals.Learn more