Our Partners SQALogic

SQALogic members have been working for as long as 25 years in the Quality Assurance field. As such, we have come to know and work with every key player of our industry, creating strong business relationships along the way.

Our partnerships are not focused on one single company, product, or technology. Thanks to our agnostic approach, we can provide unbiased expert advice which favors quality and innovation. From industry dominators to thought leaders, we know which one of our partners would be suited to find the best solution for your company.

Micro Focus

Micro Focus solutions in application delivery management (LoadRunner, UFT, and ALM), IT operations management (Service Manager a.k.a. SMAX), security (Fortify & ArcSight), and data analytics (Vertica) have dominated the industry for many years under various names and are still often relied upon for functional testing on an enterprise scale.  Our unparallel expertise with their solutions has allowed us to hold the top-tier status of Platinum Partner. SQALogic is also one of the few global representatives of Micro Focus which are authorized to provide remote and onsite localized Tier1 and Tier2 support in either French or English via its accreditation as a Software Support Service Integrator (SVI).


Tricentis has established itself as a leader in the testing industry, mostly thanks to their innovative approach of making automation simpler to learn without sacrificing advanced functionalities.  SQALogic is rated as a Tricentis Premium partner, meaning we have the highest certified skilled individuals who can ensure smooth deliveries and the most cost-efficient implementations for our clients.


Data has become the most important asset that a company owns and out of all the things that make them unique, their customer data and industry knowledge provide them a strategic competitive advantage. Nothing is more business-critical than data quality.

As a leader in the domain, RTTS’s Querysurge has proven to be a powerhouse in data testing. Be it ETL, data warehouses or big data testing, we have the solution. As such, we have built a strong partnership and improved practices along with RTTS over the course of many years. We have successfully deployed their technology to our clients, allowing them to mitigate risk and achieve tremendous cost savings.

Above and beyond that, we are certified trainers and implementors of their technology in both English and French. Be it training, mentorship or implementation strategies, let SQALogic assist you in implementing an effective data testing solution.


A.I. technologies continue to progress and evolve, bringing along new possibilities and tools to help deliver cost-effective projects faster than ever before. Quality Assurance and testing are no exception to this new reality.

Any organization aiming to sustain the testing velocity required in the new DevOps agile world must have a strategy to imbed and leverage this emerging technology. Functionize possesses the skills and knowledge to become leaders in this new space. We are proud to count them among our partners. SQALogic has developed a solid relationship with Functionize, allowing our customers to reap the benefits of machine learning TODAY, not tomorrow.


“One of the key challenges of successfully implementing a test automation framework is, without a doubt, having access to cleansed and representative data.” – David Milette

Never has the importance of having a secure TDM solution been more prevalent than now with new obligations around privacy such as GDPR, the Canadian Privacy Act, and HIPAA. Data breaches can be disastrous for your company.

We recognize GenRocket as true software innovators when it comes to creating synthetic to address these challenges. This is why we’ve logically decided to add them to our network or partners.

RedLine 13

Knowing the limits of your infrastructure is essential. The importance of mastering this information was revealed during the first wave of covid. Many organizations have not been able to equip themselves properly in order to face the new reality of the market. Through performance testing, especially load testing, companies are able to precisely define the limits of their infrastructure.

Thus, organizations are in the capacity to determine whether their technological infrastructures will be able to meet the expected demand. At SQALogic, we are convinced that to offer the best solutions we need the best tools. This is why we are proud to have Redline 13 as one of our partners to offer you a load testing solution

Testim io


Test automation have always occupied a special place at SQALogic. We believe that by implementing test automation in our solutions, we’ll help our clients grow and more importantly, we’ll reach a better global quality in the industry.

Testim is the company that can make this happen. Through their AI solution, they facilitate the testing process for any company. More importantly, they empower individual. Therefore, bringing long term changes for their clients.