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SQALogic provides a full range of Quality Assurance related services to help your business run smoothly

Business Process Analysis & Testing

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Verification of business processes is vital to the software testing process. The process provides an accurate assessment of the quality of the product, but also ensures that it meets all predefined requirements.

SQALogic’s global experience working with organisations across varying industries has given us a unique perspective when it comes to processes and insight into client’s needs. Our process is individually tailored to each client and organization in mind, after all its not a one-size-fits-all industry. The SQA team is specialized in identifying risks and outlining priorities to keep everyone on task and on track. We note best practices and make suggestions for improvements where necessary.

Analysis of business processes often forms the basis of software verification both in companies producing software and organisations that use purchased IT solutions.

Our team of experts is here to guide you through the process, saving time and money!



Functional Tests of Business Processes

Acceptance Tests

Enterprise Management System Tests (SAP &, Oracle EBS)

Tests of CRM and Billing Systems

Business Continuity Tests

Usability Verification

Business Process Regression Tests, etc...


Improve the Quality of implemented solutions

Early identification of risks associated with changes in IT systems

Increase efficiency of the support of business processes through IT systems

Minimize risks of downtime and reduce losses due to unavailability or irregularities of a system

Improve reliability and consistency of data in IT systems, providing more reliable reporting.


Performance Testing

Application performance is one of the most important elements of successful implementation. Thorough testing of an application’s performance helps guarantee success.

Performance testing should not only identify but also eliminate bottlenecks that reduce the performance of the systems being implemented.

The SQALogic team has developed an approach to the execution of performance testing that allows us to adapt our clients’ methodologies and practices. Our team divides up the tasks into easily manageable stages with verifiable milestones. Upon completion of each milestone there is a solid deliverable product ready for verification.

SQALogic has partnered with the best in the Industry to be able to provide our clients with the best solutions possible. See our products page for more details.


Comprehensive Performance Tests

Generating High Workload (up to 1M+ VU)

Traffic Profile Definition

Performance Testing in Agile implementations (SCRUM, SAFe)

Monitoring Elements of System Infrastructure

Verification of System Scalability


The System Will Function Properly at Production Workload

Pinpoint Bottlenecks by Monitoring Elements of Infrastructure

Optimization of System Hardware, Software and Licenses

Work Convenience of The End User

Mobile Application Testing

Ensure the Quality of your Applications on all platforms

Mobile solutions are created for clients, thus, each solution of this type should be thoroughly checked for performance, communication with API, functionality and usability. The most detailed and thorough the tests are, the higher the certainty that the app shall will not cause any problems to the end user.

SQALogic’s specialists constantly follow the mobile technologies market which allows them to advise on the most optimal choice of both efficient devices and services. We always rely on current usage statistics, forecasts, market practices, and experience while planning and delivering services.



Industry Standard Usability Testing

UX Testing With Users

Multiplatform Automated Testing

Mobile App Security Tests

Performance Testing with Emulation of Network Parameters

Mobile App and Corporate Systems Integration Testing


Ensuring Satisfaction to The End-User

Insight on The User Experience Prior to Operational Implementation

Recommendations for usability Improvement (UX)

Reliable Performance Tests

Concurrent Automated Regression on Multiple Devices and version of Operating Systems


Continuing Education & Training

Become a testing Expert, Enroll in our Training Programs

SQALogic is the first Quality Assurance Company to provide full on training programs for people who wish to learn the inner workings of UFT, ALM, Selenium, as well as a number of other industrial level tools used for testing software for all platforms.

    • Course and workshop taught by university teachers
    • Attend on location (client site or other venue)
    • Classroom environment
    • Hardware and software provided during class

This is not on online course where you just download a video and follow along (we do however; offer such products, and can provide more details on demand). Our courses are given in a classroom by one of the best QA teachers in the country who currently teaches at a well established Montreal University.  All the hardware and software is provided.  We believe the best way to teach anything is by having face to face time with people who are experts in their fields. Ask questions, get clarifications, bring forth ideas and share your work with the rest of the class.

Space is Limited, Reservations Required

We also offer instructional online videos, distance learning via webinars and interactive lessons for many Industry related subjects. See our network portal for more details (coming soon!).

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