Do you think your software quality assurance practices are sufficient?

 The world of Software Quality Assurance (SQA) can be daunting, even for the most experienced QA team. There are a multitude of tools, solutions and methodologies to choose from. Added to this is the human factor, which can be unpredictable and can present real challenges for organizations.

SQALogic offers you a simple (free) assessment to target your needs.

Thus, save time and be assured of choosing the right solutions to meet your business needs.

The difference with the competition?

We know how unpleasant surprises can come with time and material contracts. With a traditional consulting offer, the time to achieve the expected results is uncertain and may vary.

This uncertainty therefore has a direct impact on the price resulting in a final cost that is significantly different from the initial estimate.

That is why SQALogic has decided to take a completely different approach. By working with experts in the quality assurance industry we offer excellence.

You can browse our solutions below and see what works for you.

Certified and mastering all the tools we offer; these specialists will guide you in choosing the best solutions. Our experts are familiar with best business practices: Agile method, DevOps and have experience in implementing and improving these practices in some of the largest companies in the world.

Their experience, combined with our offer of fixed packages allows us to erase this uncertainty and above all, to offer you our services at competitive prices. In conclusion, you know how much you are paying and why. With our QA solutions, you know that you’re getting the best quality.

SQALogic offers you fixed cost quotes that will be tailored to your needs, budgets, and business deadlines.

Our Fixbids

What is a fixbid?

A fixbid is completely different from a standard consulting offer; it is a business solution where we determine together, in advance, the various variables of a traditional service agreement.

A fixed package therefore includes:

  • The deliverable (s) and their details (inclusions / exclusions);
  • Estimated delivery times;
  • The fixed price (and what it includes transport, workshop costs, etc.).

How does it work?

  • During your first meeting with one of our advisors, we will assess together your current situation and determine your business needs.
  • Following this discussion, SQALogic will offer you several possible solutions, it tools, serivces, or a combination and an action plan leading to their realization. The latter will include all the steps and tasks necessary to complete your project.
  • Operating like a lego assembly, our solutions are built using service blocks to meet your needs.
  • Using this information, you will therefore be able to choose the solution blocks that are right for you and that suits your budget.

Our Vision:

Over the years, we have concluded that optimizing what we call the three Ps is critical to achieving the best expected results in software quality assurance:

Software Quality Assurance IT

Our mission is to support you so that you achieve your goals, and for any need, we have a solution:

Strategic TransformationEvery industry operates on its foundations. That is why we start with the basics, that is, your processes, your metrics and your organization's structure. By optimizing these, you are taking the first step towards a winning solution.
Strategic Transformation- Data management system implementation
- Automating
- Maturity Assessment
- Analysis of your best practices
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Enhancement of infrastructureHaving the right tool to meet a specific need is essential. Using it well is even more. To ensure optimal optimization of the latter, it is essential to keep it up to date. In this way, you will get the most out of the use of your tool and increase your efficiency.
Enhancement of infrastructure- Installation
- Upgrade
- Migration
- Tool selection support (POC support, Market Survey, Solution demonstration coordination)
- Design, definition and execution of manual tests
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Training & MentorshipAt SQALogic we believe that skill development occurs through two main channels. The first focusing on the assimilation of knowledge through theoretical learning and the second focusing on the acquisition of competence. You just must choose what is right for you to support your team.
Training & Mentorship- InternLogic
- LearnLogic/Training
- Premium Service/Support
- Expert consulting services
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Tactical PackagesSome technical deliverables require skills or extensive expertise. SQALogic can support you in carrying out your projects by taking responsibility for certain tasks or by becoming an integral part of your team. This support can take the form of one-off or recurring follow-up depending on your needs!
Tactical Packages- Performance validation and optimization
- Functional test
- Outsourcing Design, definition, and execution of manual tests
- Impartition
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