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Save time and rest assured that you are getting the right tools for the right job. The world of QA can be daunting for even the most experienced QA team. There are a multitude of tools to choose from, and how do you know what to choose that will be the perfect fit? We specialize in Agile, DevOps and transformations so that the process is less overwhelming. Our consultants are well versed and certified in all the tools that we offer and we can guide you and your teams during the whole process, from concept to implementation and even beyond.

You can browse our tools below and see which is the right fit for you, or if you’re not sure which is the perfect solution for your business, one of our consultants will always be happy to lend a hand! It’s what we do best!

How does your Quality Assurance operation measure up against the most experienced companies?

SQALogic employs industry experts and veterans who have been working in the field for decades.  Not only are they well-versed in industry best practices, they have hands-on experience in implementing and improving such practices in some of the largest enterprises in the world.

Whether your company has just started getting serious about testing or has vested considerable resources in testing, know that your Quality Assurance operation can only benefit from partnering with our company and its accumulated 100 years of field experience.

SQALogic makes fixed costs proposals which will be adjusted to your needs, budgets and business deadlines.

Load Testing

Know the breaking point of your infrastructure BEFORE it's too late

Testing for functionality is one thing, but what have you done about testing the actual platform you’re working on? How much can it handle? What is the breaking point and how can your team push its limits even further? Our proprietary tool, LoadLogic, can help you measure the efficiency of your systems, essentially clocking just how much pressure it can take from the outside world. This is a must if you know your clientele and want to avoid devastating crashes ahead of potential peak demand (Anticipated release dates, Black Friday, Boxing Day, etc.).

Automated Functional Testing

Ensure every requirement of your project passes with flying colors

Save money, time and resources by implementing an automated testing solution today. You will be able to do full regression testing, receive requirement coverage reports and pinpoint specific areas where further development is needed.

Automation can be flexible and easily usable by every level and member of your production line.  We can help implement a testing solution that is reusable, configurable and manageable by members without having to rely on extensive technical knowledge.

Our members can assist in your implementation by providing training and ensuring best practices are followed, regardless of the platform you have chosen to use. We also offer turnkey solutions for automated testing, providing full automation solutions from implementing the tools, creating the test solution and managing your test campaigns.

Test Management

Finding Where Everything Fits

Your quality assurance team will run hundreds of test cases, all of which using shared components and resources. Enterprise level projects cannot circumvent the necessity of properly managing all your teams.

  • Avoid financial losses by ensuring there will be no duplication of work.
  • Stay on top of your to do lists and outstanding items.
  • Create productivity reports.
  • Get a clear view on your current requirement coverage.

SQALogic can provide, implement and manage various solutions to tackle this vital aspect.

Agile Implementation

Continuous development, continuous evolution

Are your QA practices creating a breach in your critical production data? Data exfiltration is devastating to both your client’s trust and your bottom line.  The best way to eliminate this risk is by simply not using production data for your manual or automated testing.

Some companies deal with this critical issue by handpicking sensitive data and manipulating it for testing purposes; however, as they say, “to err is human.” We often see issues where the information provided is neither representative of the organization’s verticals, nor does it provide the full gamut of testing scenarios, rendering your tests less efficient.

So how can you mitigate both security risks and ensure the quality of your tests?

Synthetic data can be tailored to represent your companies’ reality by following current methodologies and SQALogic’s best practices. Furthermore, the data can be generated automatically within moments, saving you both time and resources.

Contact SQALogic today to see how your organization can keep its data safe and provide a true return on investment by implementing a synthetic data solution.

Secure TDM (Test Data Management) Implementation

Ensure the safety of your data during testing
Using synthetic data in all your tests will avoid data exfiltration risks

Being able to adapt to the ever-changing market trends is vital for any company to remain competitive. Thanks to the Agile methodology of software development, it is possible to keep long development projects nimble and capable of meeting the ever-changing business demands that suddenly come into scope.

Though this method is widely used and is being adopted more and more across the industry, it is not necessarily optimized, and in some cases, not properly implemented at all.

This is where the expertise of SQALogic comes in. Due to our vast experience and expertise, having worked with many organizations both large and small on Agile transformation and DevOps best practices, we have the ability and know-how to bring your important projects to term in the most effective way possible. Our approach is based on a continuous improvement model that accelerates the pace of change and gets you faster to where you want to be.

Are you absolutely sure your Agile strategy is up to par with the DevOps world? The best way to find out is to sit down and have a chat with our team of experts—we are here to help!