David Milette

Founder & Chief Technology Evangelist

David Milette

Possessing a Bachelor’s degree in Management and Information Technology from Université de Sherbrooke. David has been working in the field of ALM/SQA for close to 20 years in a number of different positions at some of the largest companies in the industry.

Making his way up the ladder from manual tester to president of Canadian operations, filling various strategic positions in between at Compuware Corp., Mercury Interactive, HP, Worksoft, TurnKey Solutions, and SAP, Mr. Milette learned the ins and outs of the profession and the industry at both the local and international levels.

Impressive experience asside, he’s above all known for his integrity and his client‑centered approach. His expertise, wide network of qualified contacts, and communication skills were all factors in his decision to start a business focused on guiding and supporting his clients.

So, in 2012, he founded SQALogic. As the managing director of the company’s global operations, he shares his unique vision with his clients to help them quickly achieve their objectives and save time and money.