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Specializing in complete Quality Assurance, SQALogic prioritizes the client experience, your experience! Our passionate team is dedicated to making all client experiences, personal and valuable. Our consultants are well versed across many aspects of QA and across many industries which provides our clients with knowledge, experience and value.

Our proven process ensures that your projects are delivered flawlessly, effortlessly and on time, every time! From turnkey products to tailor made solutions, the SQALogic experience will surpass your expectations.

We truly love what we do!

Improve the Quality of the Solutions implemented

Early detection of risks associated to changes to your IT environment

Increase the efficiency of business process support across your IT environment

Risk and vulnerability assessment

Ensure effortless and seamless implementation of the right solutions

Above all else our Consultants are able to offer the best solution for our clients' needs!

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Reasons to Choose SQALogic

SQALogic maintains a network of the top consultants with varying specialties so that the very best people are at your disposal when you need them! Our Industry Leading partners has often come to us for challenging projects when they need assistance, and SQALogic is always pleased to lend a hand.

Frequent misconceptions can lead to overspending and project stagnation, and SQALogic can help clear up a plan from concept all the way through to implementation, and even beyond. We are here to guide you to making the right decisions for the best possible results.

SQALogic has launched a pilot project to offer various educational materials throughout the Quality Assurance community. The industry is ever changing and we closely monitor trends, concerns, vulnerabilities, technologies, tools, and everything that you might need to keep ahead in your business. Contact us today to see how we can help drive your teams towards success through our passion for Quality!

Verification of business processes is likely the most important element of the software testing operations. After conducting a detailed analysis, we gain insight as to the needs of our clients, identify risks and priorities and thus make the right recommendation to ensure the right fit. We can identify best practices and work with the clients’ teams to get ready for implementation.

SQALogic’s global experience in working with organisations across various industries and platforms has given us a truly unique perspective and puts us ahead of most of our competition.

Analysis of business processes often forms the basis of software verification both in companies producing software and organisations that use purchased IT solutions.

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Our main goal is to ensure that our clients achieve the best results with minimal effort, streamlining the Quality testing process and ensuring the right fit for each client’s needs. Working with SQALogic means optimizing process and ensuring success with every project that we touch. Let us know how our team can help.

Our Solutions

From training for already established teams to placing our more experienced resources, SQALogic can help achieve the very best results for temporary or ongoing projects. Our experienced consultants are here to guide our clients through various stages of processes and implementation.  SQALogic offers the right solutions at the right time.

Our Methodology

With so many products in existence, the process of finding the right tool can be daunting and overwhelming. The SQALogic team is here to guide our clients in selecting the right tool for your specific needs. Our team is well versed in all of the tools that we offer and can assist at all stages of your projects, from planning, all the way through implementation.