Our team of software quality assurance experts

SQALogic is a company concerned with emphasizing the human behind the skills. This is reflected not only in our work, but also in the quality of our team: all members of our team share a humanistic approach in the implementation of their expertise and are committed to satisfying the needs of each client.

Lorsque cela s’avère nécessaire, nous pouvons faire appel à notre réseau d’experts, triés sur le volet, pour relever les défis les plus complexes en termes de technologie et / ou de gestion de projet. Pour en apprendre plus à ce sujet, Click here.

Ready for any challenge

Our experts are able to meet all the challenges you encounter, whether human or technological. We have the experience and skills to solve the toughest problems and meet the most demanding needs of our customers.

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David Milette
Founder and Chief Technology Evangelist
Annik Desrosiers
Co-Founder and General Manager
Jade Desrosiers
Director of Business Operations
Benjamin Bauvois
Technology Evangelist Support Manager
Albert Reyes
Presales engineer
Patrick-Michel Dagenais
Customer Success Manager
Quentin Messaoudi
Head of Marketing
Peter Hogan
Account manager
Jeremy Vincent
Queue Manager
Raphael Milette
Event Manager
MicrosoftTeams-image (17)
Luis Bezerra
Sr. Performance Engineer