Flex Credits

Flex Credits

A flexible way to access our services

Internal processes can be inconvenient when it comes to approving service agreements or statements of work. Especially when you have a critical issue to resolve and it needs to be resolved immediately. Not to mention, budgets can change rapidly, leaving you in a pickle when needs arise. Well, we have a way to avoid all of this: Flex Credits (FC)

Flex Credits is a type of currency that gives you a flexible way to get short-term services when you need them the most. Flexible Credits can be purchased in advance or at any time. You can exchange them at one's convenience during the 12 month period from the purchase against various services: Support, Formation or Consultation

How to build your Flex Credits bank?

Our price ranges are modeled based on brackets. Overall, the larger your purchase, the less it will cost you per unit.

If you believe you will only need our services for a specific issue, only purchase the number of credits you need for resolution. On the other hand, if you estimate that you will need assistance several times during the year, then it will be more cost-effective to purchase a large quantity of credits to adequately cover your needs.

The scale on the right provides a quick summary of the unit price depending on the number of credits required.


  • 1-9 $188
  • 10-49 $157
  • 50-99 $144
  • 100+ $125

Four simple steps when purchasing Flex Credits:

1. Contact our Account Manager at sales@sqalogic.com.
2. Get a quote
3. Approve the quote
4. Pay your credits


How to use your Flex Credits ?

Once purchased, you can use them for any project requiring SQALogic services for up to 12 months after purchase. Contact SQALogic during business hours to review your balance and discuss services that may apply. We will put you in touch with our service manager to discuss your requirements and arrange delivery.

* Avant d’utiliser vos Flex Credits, veuillez nous contacter pendant la phase de planification. Cette étape garantira que nous aurons le temps de planifier les ressources appropriées. *

Three simple steps to use your Flex Credits:

  1. At least five (5) business days before the desired service delivery date, contact our account manager to discuss your need (required services, date and time of day); Please note: we cannot guarantee the availability of our resources if we receive a request before the requested deadline.

  2. Our account manager will send a written communication (email) including an estimated cost (in Flex Credits), agreed services, requirements and delivery date to the owner of the Flex Credits.

  3. Once we have confirmation from the owner, we will then proceed accordingly with the provision of the agreed services.

    Note: In any case, if there is no activity from the customer in the last 5 business days or two (2) unsuccessful attempts to reach the customer for an update, we reserve the right to close the request.

Due to new findings or delays, the initial cost of Flex Credits could potentially change.
Before using additional Flex Credits, our Account Manager or Project Manager will send a written communication to the Owner requesting the use of additional Flex Credits to continue the work. If we do not receive this confirmation, our services will be suspended.

Available services :

Your Flexible Credits will give you access to three (3) types of services: Consultation, Training and Support.

Consulting Services: They include tactical tasks such as scripting, testing and more, small projects (maximum 1 month duration) that are solely owned by SQALogic and do not depend on other departments, maturity assessment , strategic analysis, etc.

Training Services: They include training sessions, workshop sessions, small observation engagements (maximum duration of one week), etc.

Support Services: They include resolution of issues not covered by the IVR program, troubleshooting, hold requests, support for internal teams, etc.

If you are unsure of the type of services you will need, contact your account manager or sales@sqalogic.com.

Flexible credits can be redeemed for consulting services ranging from conceptual planning, design, implementation assistance, analysis of your technology environment, or similar expert advice/assistance. We leverage our years of experience to help you capitalize on your IT investment without burdening your IT staff. Our expertise and proven delivery methodology enable clients to achieve tangible results and realize ROI in an accelerated time frame.

These services include activities that are either time-based or deliverable-based.

Consulting services will be provided during normal business hours (Eastern Time).

The start date, tasks, objectives and timetable will be agreed before the start.

Applications will be reviewed to determine if the scope is appropriate for flexible credits or if a statement of work is required at an additional cost.

Training or workshop sessions on a chosen topic (reporting, UI, features, etc.). The default duration is one (1) hour. This also includes recording the session. You can request additional custom documentation if the records are not sufficient

You can exchange flexible credits for a variety of support services tailored to your needs. Support services are time-based:

  • Simple : Get help for issues not covered by our IVR program.
  • Troubleshooting : Our team can solve your problems for you.
  • Monitoring : A member of our team may remain on standby during a work session in case you encounter a problem.

Need help creating a suitable credit bank?

Based on its proven expertise, our team can assist you in selecting the number
of flex credits necessary to carry out your various projects.