P1 – Strategic transformation solutions

P1 – Strategic transformation solutions

Master the change

As with any growing organization, your processes, your positioning and your offer are bound to develop and, because these changes can be complex to address, there is a challenge in keeping your QA practices up to date and to put in place processes that keep your department motivated. 

Luckily, the quality assurance experts of the SQALogic center of expertise are able to support you in the planning and execution of your strategic transformation.

We offer complete solutions for:

Transform your business with peace of mind by counting on our expertise in quality assurance:

1 - Analysis of your best practices

Improve the efficiency and health of your QA department

Our job is to provide you with information on these best practices in quality assurance to enable you to have the most effective deployments, in accordance with your own specificities. We are familiar with many practices such as Agile methodology, CI/CD approaches, BDD-TDD and DevOps to name a few. We master the best market practices and are constantly on the lookout for the latest trends to offer you superior quality service. 

2 - Automation testing

The benefits: more quality, less cost

Test automation is a common practice associated with Agile and DevOps methodologies, allowing a better return on investment and a big time saving for its teams. However, the development of this practice can be difficult to achieve its full potential. This is where SQALogic can help. Our test automation consulting team is based in Montreal, but we offer our services internationally to meet your needs.

3 - Data system implementation

Take care and get more out of your data!

Your data is a valuable asset for your business, but you still need to know how to use it effectively. With our data management expertise, we help you maximize their potential and make strategic decisions based on solid analytics. With our data optimization solutions, boost your growth and set yourself apart from the competition.

Our tactical solutions

Once your strategic plan is in place, you must arm yourself with the best solutions to achieve your objectives: to this end we offer you our tactical solutions.