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Your organization may face temporary situations of work overload, mission requiring resources, human or financial, that you do not have.

SQALogic experts are there to support you by offering you quality solutions at unbeatable prices for your outsourcing needs, optimizing the performance of your infrastructures or supporting your tests.

We offer complete solutions for:

1 - Automation tool selection help

Let our experts guide you.

In order to save you time and to be directed to the most suitable tool. After studying your needs, our experts share their knowledge with you to help you choose your automation solution. This service includes help with setting up and support once the tool is deployed. 

2 - Load Test - LoadLogic Solution

A load test that meets your expectations.

The performance of a website or an application is critical for a consumer. A delay of 0.5 seconds can cause up to 20% traffic loss. LoadLogic is a load testing methodology thought and designed by SQALogic. We offer turnkey solutions to allow you to carry out tailor-made tests and thus ensure that you offer better quality service to your consumers. In addition, once the solution is in place, you will have the option of keeping your tests in order to repeat them via the acquisition of the solution. Otherwise, you can call on our experts. Choose according to your needs!  

3 - Validation and Optimization of performance

Optimize the performance of your systems today and allow your employees to surpass themselves.

The productivity of your business depends on the performance of your systems. Yet performance is often neglected. The achievement of an organization's objectives depends on its production capacity, its human resources or the performance of its systems. However, other variables need to be considered. You must therefore be careful in your analysis. By optimizing the performance of your infrastructures, you guarantee a pleasant and fluid user experience. In this way, you will limit the loss of business opportunities due to the frustrations felt by your consumers. 

4 - Outsourcing

Do you need occasional assistance? SQALogic is here to support you.

We offer one-time or ongoing technical assistance to support your quality assurance and the software performance of your organization. Being in the industry for over 12 years, we can assure you the best possible result, at the lowest cost, without you having to worry about these tedious but essential tasks. 

5 - Design, definition and execution of manual tests

Call on our experts and bet on the success of your project.

Designing manual tests requires special attention and can quickly become daunting. SQALogic can support your manual testing and apply its methodologies by integrating into your production pipeline.  

6 - Implementing a template (framework)

Helping you to achieve better results.

Help you design automated tests: our local and offshore teams provide you with an optimal template to guide you in achieving your objectives by optimizing the use of the tools you already have or are acquiring.

Our experts will be able to provide you with the support you need. Free up valuable time and enjoy advice based on decades of experience

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