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Optimize data validation in your quality assurance practice

Join our next Webinar co-organized with RTTS during which we will address the issue of data validation in the world of quality assurance.


Date : Thursday February 22nd 2024 - 10 am (EST)

Language : English
Animated by Eric Smyth (RTTS) & Albert Reyes (SQALogic)


Our past diffusions


Overcoming Data Testing Automation Challenges

Far too often, critical business decisions are made based on the assumption that the underlying data is correct. We all know that is not the case. 

Animated by Albert Reyes (SQALogic), Eric Smyth and Rechaud Evans (RTTS)

Software quality assurance: 2020 trends and 2021 forecasts

Luigi Iuliani and David Milette share their insights alongside Oren Rubin, founder and CEO of Testim.io, an AI-powered test automation company.

Animated by David Milette (SQALogic), Luigi Iuliani and Oren Rubin (Testim.io).