Our privileged partnership with Tricentis

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Notre partenariat privilégié avec Tricentis

In the world of modern software development, continuous testing has become essential to guarantee the quality and reliability of applications. Tricentis is the undisputed specialist in this field, offering innovative solutions to reinvent software testing and adapt it to the needs of digital transformation initiatives. With a leading continuous testing platform, Tricentis is a trusted player for companies looking to improve their agility and efficiency in a DevOps environment.

Tricentis Products:

Tricentis focuses exclusively on testing and offers a complete range of solutions dedicated to this essential aspect of software development.

Here's an overview of some of their flagship products:

Tosca - The Core Product:

Tosca is Tricentis' core product, designed to solve the problems inherent in traditional testing. It simplifies and accelerates testing, while guaranteeing complete coverage and improved application quality.

LiveCompare :

This solution compares changes in an SAP environment, providing valuable change intelligence for directing tests to the right places.

QTest :

QTest offers advanced features for test and application lifecycle management.

NeoLoad :

This tool is dedicated to performance and load testing, essential for assessing application performance in real-life conditions.

Tricentis is also a major SAP strategic partner, with a strong presence in Europe. They are renowned for their robust, reliable solutions, with an excellent reputation in the industry.

Our relationship with Tricentis:

As a Tricentis premium partner, we are proud to be a reseller and integrator of their solutions. Our expertise in testing enables us to build a trusting relationship with Tricentis, and we are committed to offering high-quality testing solutions to our customers.

We're also one of the few who know LiveCompare, a powerful but often overlooked tool. This in-depth knowledge enables us to offer accurate and knowledgeable technical support, and to help our customers take full advantage of this unique solution.

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