P2 – Our solutions for training and mentoring

P2 – Our solutions for training and mentoring

P2 – Our solutions for training and mentoring

The quality assurance experts of the SQALogic expertise center offer various solutions to meet your human resource needs. We can train your team, mentor them, or even complement them with our experts. 

We offer complete solutions for:

1 - InternLogic Coaching Program

Benefit from our mentoring program and meet your needs quickly

To deal with the shortage of expert labor in quality assurance, we offer you a program that allows the follow-up of an apprentice who has just graduated to train him to work in the field independently, and this more particularly in your organization. At the end of this mandate, the learner will thus become a permanent qualified resource in your ranks. We also accompany you in case of movement in your teams to ensure that the new members of each department are able to fully take charge of their new missions. 

2 - On site training

Develop and solidify the strategic skills of your QA department

With proven expertise in using market tools, applying industry best practices and developing people, SQALogic wants to make this knowledge accessible to everyone. We offer virtual or face-to-face classes to train and support the resources of your QA department to improve their performance. We build all our training according to your needs in French and English. 

Our tactical solutions

Once your strategic plan is in place, you must arm yourself with the best solutions to achieve your objectives: to this end we offer you our tactical solutions.