Our strategic solutions

Our philosophy: The 3Ps

To obtain the best results in terms of Quality Assurance, we have developed our philosophy which we call the 3Ps. These three fundamental pillars are at the heart of all our solutions and are constantly improved to guarantee optimal quality. We are committed to providing state-of-the-art expertise to optimize each of these key aspects, to provide you with superior Software Quality Assurance. 


Strategic Transformation

A successful project requires a solid foundation, incorporating best practices to achieve results that meet your expectations. Beyond quality products and actors, cohesion and communication within teams have become essential for optimal functioning. The absence of a clear and optimized process can quickly lead to chaos, individual actions, difficult communication and discrepancies that undermine harmony. Like an orchestra without a conductor or score, the company can find itself in difficulty. It is therefore crucial to have a realistic and optimized methodology for the success of your projects. At SQALogic, we are here to help you implement this methodology and guarantee the success of your projects. 


Training and mentoring

Products and processes are essential, and your team members are the pillars to support their development. Behind every skill is a human being who needs to feel valued and supported on their journey. That's why we offer skills development support, like mentorship, to help team members achieve their goals. Beyond your training challenges, we work with you to set up achievable and stimulating objectives in the best possible conditions. We believe that the success of projects depends on the motivation and well-being of the team, which is why we place great emphasis on these two concepts in our recommendations.  


Infrastructure Enhancement

Having the right tool in the right place will optimize efficiency. The products exist to make your job easier by supporting your teams and your processes. Our team is committed to always directing you towards the solutions and tools best suited to your environment, your budget or the skills available internally to facilitate and accelerate the realization of your projects.  

Once your strategic plan is in place, you must arm yourself with the best solutions to achieve your objectives: to this end we offer you our tactical solutions. ​

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