P3 – Solutions for upgrading infrastructures

P3 – Solutions for upgrading infrastructures

No more hassle, we take care of your productivity!

Too many organizations have tool acquisition projects that have turned out to be nightmares. Between the selection of a tool that does not meet real business needs, a poorly planned upgrade leads to huge costs or even a data migration carried out without any verification of the quality of the data, the poor use of a tool can be catastrophic for your organization.  

Certified at the highest level, with our partners (MicroFocus / OpenText, RTTS, Tricentis, etc.), our SQALogic experts are at your disposal to support you in your projects, all within an optimal timeframe and at competitive prices.

We offer complete solutions for:​

1 - Help with tool selection

Our advice to ensure you make the right decisions with complete peace of mind

Contrary to what many people think, the solution is not always to opt for the most famous tool on the market. Others, less known and less expensive, may be more suited to your immediate and future needs. Our experts guide you in choosing your tool to ensure you make the best decisions specific to your organization. This by taking into account your budget, your needs, your technical specificities and your business reality in order to choose the tool that suits you best.

2 - Installation assistance​

Personalized support throughout your projects

Too often organizations will acquire various tools and never install them or end up with failed installations. This can result in an unnecessary expense or an extremely complex and costly situation to correct. In both cases, it leads to frustration and loss of money. 

 At SQALogic, we focus on efficiency. We therefore focus on installing your assets as quickly as possible, while ensuring optimal quality.

3 - Upgrading your tools and data migration ​

To make sure you don't lose your important data and to ensure their quality.

Updates can be tedious and require special attention in order to:  

  • Preserve the desired configurations,
  • Protect you against security breaches,
  • Avoid data loss,
  • Benefit from new features offered and corrections made.

SQALogic offers to support the upgrade of your various solutions to address these issues. SQALogic's experts can support you throughout your data migration project, databases or servers hosting your test tools in order to minimize the risk of corruption, ensure the success of your project and protect you against security breaches which could prove catastrophic for your budget and your image.

Our tactical solutions

Once your strategic plan is in place, you must arm yourself with the best solutions to achieve your objectives: to this end we offer you our tactical solutions.