Taking care of your business reality

CareLogic is a program that enables organizations to assess their current quality assurance practices and make informed business decisions about improvements. This is a unique program within our industry that provides free access to advice from experts. The self-administered Maturity Assessment platform (questionnaire) is only one part of SQALogic’s diagnosing tools, it can be used as a stand-alone quality assurance health indicator or bundle along with the overall CareLogic program.

How the program works

CareLogic was created with the goal of building a unique relationship with our customers. Our desire is to offer you the best service and the best products while remaining as close as possible to your business’ reality. This is accomplished by assessing the “3 Ps” of your organization (Process, People and Product) in three different stages; starting with an online self-assessment questionnaire, then a follow-up meeting with one of our agents to review the self-assessment answers and finally, regular review sessions with your assigned agent to guide your organization towards achieving its objectives. This service is offered free of charge and the results of the self-assessments and any follow-ups are made available to the customer.

How to join the program

The "3 Ps" measured

Procedures: This measure is associated with the maturity of your organization’s internal procedures.
People: This measure is associated with the technical and non-technical members of your organization, as well as your organization’s overall satisfaction with their current status.
Products: This measure is associated with the ownership of your organization’s products and the current technology used to meet your needs.


With close to 20 years of experience, Albert Reyes amassed experience in various fields such as Client Folder Management, Incident Management, CyberSecurity, Infrastructure and more. At SQALogic, Albert has excelled at guiding customers towards best practices and to more precise sizing of their requirements.

 With CareLogic, he aims to ensure that customers remain relevant within the industry and assists on building well suited roadmaps towards the customers’ goals. As your Customer Success Manager (CSM), his role is to ensure that the objectives and concerns of the customer are well documented. The CSM will then provide suggestions based on the information collected and will put the customer in contact with the right resources to achieve your goals.

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Albert Reyes

Technical Account Manager