SQALogic Top 7 Testing Trends for 2023

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SQALogic Top 7 des tendances de test pour 2023
By David Milette, Chief Technology Evangelist.  As we enter the New Year, we’d like to bring to your attention what we feel are the top trends for 2023 in the realm of quality assurance and testing. 

1. SAAS is where it’s at!

In 2023 as is the case with many IT departments, QA is being compelled to save costs and reduce complexity by migrating their testing environments and tools to SAAS platforms be it within private or public cloud offerings. Both solutions began getting significant attention in 2022 and we believe that this trend in 2023 will attain mass criticality with many QA departments demonstrating significantly interest and assessing this move to SAAS. 

2.Pay as you go

Right sizing specific to the project and / or department needs. Gone are the days of buffering in margins of error on tool purchases. QA departments need to be cost efficient and trimmed down to the actual necessities. This implies getting access to what you need exactly when you need it and being able to scale up and down « on Demand ». More and more software vendors are realizing this expressed need by their customers and offerings allowing this flexibility and coming out to meet the demand. SQALogic is confident that we will continue to see more of these types of offerings in 2023 and beyond and many compagnies will happily embrace this flexibility to cater to their internal customers rapidly changing demands charging to the projects only what is required when it is specifically needed. It’s time to Flex with the demand baby! 

3.The end of an era!

Now before going crazy on this hear me out! QA departments as we have known them for the last 20ish years will undergo substantial changes and in many cases be dissolved. This however does not mean the end of QA, just the end of QA as we know it! QA experts have been adapting over the last few years to new models such as Agile development and DevOps methodologies. This new breed of QA expert tends to live within the development team and acts as an integral part of the sprints as such being the gate keeper to the definition of done around quality. The actual QA « team » can be loosely tied together for cross-training and knowledge transfer BUT on the day to day of things interaction is much closer within the agile scrum team. 

4. Domo Arigato Mr. Roboto!

Yes, thank you indeed, many organisations have seen significant coin saved and tedious repetitive tasks relegated to intelligent RPA processes and with AI (more on that later) coming of age and being used in this field the possibilities are well, almost endless and grow by leaps and bounds. If you are skilled at test automation you already basically automate tassels and processes so guess what, you are a prime user who can benefit from RPA. If you are an automated tester looking for a change RPA could be it! If you are a company not yet using RPA, what are you waiting for?

5. To boldly go

AI and machine learning are doing some impressive (and sometimes scary) things, in the testing field it is being embedded into the testing tools to allow them to self-heal, determine new unchartered paths through an application, determine test criticality and extrapolate non-functional test criteria based on production data! Exciting times indeed and time to investigate using these new functionalities present in most, if not all modern iterations of testing tools!

6. It’s time to upgrade!

As the title says it’s time to get current and stay current with tool iterations. Acquiring and training users on new tools costs $ and the reason to do so is naturally 2-fold; to reduce risk and save money. Tools are rapidly evolving to meet the transformations happening in your departments such as Agile developments and DevOps. To get the most out of your transformation efforts it’s important to keep tools current as newer iterations will fit more efficiently with this way of doing things. Planned upgrades regularly done can cost far less to do and gain more rapid value out of new features and functionalities!

7. Lock up the side door!

So, your security team have locked down your production environment tighter than Fort Knox, that’s excellent but what about your nonproduction environment and tools? Are they secured? Do they potentially have any required patching? Do the systems house any potential risky data? In 2022 many cyber-attacks aimed at these less se urged systems and that allowed the evil doer the keys to storm the castle unhindered. In 2023, expect heightened scrutiny on these non-production systems as security teams aim at locking them down good. If they have not started already trust us, it’s coming so better start that post-holiday cleaning!
Exciting times indeed with lots of things changing. We at SQALogic, along with our strategic partners, are excited about what 2023 hold in store for us and have many exciting events planned to help you see clearly in your efforts. Let us know what you think and reach out should you want to discuss further! 
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