Training the new generation

InternLogic is a program that allows companies to find an affordable and specialized workforce. From a more general point of view, SQALogic wishes to train the new generation of experts in our industry, while meeting a growing need for qualified professionals. We know how badly our business environment needs trained and specialized employees, which is why SQALogic wants to offer you a long-term solution. 

Experience-Employment for the apprentice
-Coaching (Monthly meetings)
-Feedback (Constructive criticism)
Responsibility-Realization of the mandate with the client
-Willingness to learn and grow
-Listening to advice and criticism

Perfecting the industry

As an employer, you will have a trained employee tailored to your needs and your business reality, at a reduced ramp-up cost ready to tackle the challenges with efficiently supported by a net of experts.
As a recent graduate, you will have free training in a specialized industry as well as a first work experience resulting in a stable job.
The software quality assurance industry, for its part, is therefore growing. With a new expert, specialized in his field as well as a new job created.

Advantages of the program

For the Apprentice
  • Make up for the lack of practical experience of young graduates
  • Allow the Apprentice to develop his work experience and gain practical experience
  • Allow the Apprentice to have access to a range of specialized positions and be supported in order to meet the requirements of these specialized positions more quickly
  • Allow the Apprentice to obtain a long-term support network, and to develop their relationships in the industry
  • Complement the education of recent graduates through industry best practices and contextualized learning
  • Facilitate the sharing of best practices in terms of quality assurance in the field of software
For the Company
  • Creation of new positions with external support, thus promoting the implementation of processes and knowledge appropriate to the creation of these positions
  • Addressing talent shortages in the field, and difficulties associated with recruitment
  • Allow the Client to obtain talents that correspond more to its needs, without having to assume the financial burden of senior employees, who could be overqualified for the needs
  • Establish a permanent, long-term solution that may be more viable than using external services
  • Foster information security by limiting the sharing of trade secrets and sensitive information with external departments through internal positions
  • Develop and maintain in-house the expertise necessary for the Client’s products