Software quality assurance for insurers

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Assurance qualité logiciel pour les assureurs

What is software quality assurance?

Software Quality Assurance (SQA) is a very specific branch of the technology industry. SQA is a set of activities that allow us to guarantee the quality of a software, a website or any other existing technological infrastructure. To do this, it is obviously necessary to pre-determine a set of standards to be respected and to verify the conformity of the infrastructures to be tested with respect to these standards.

Normally, software quality assurance takes place as soon as your applications are set up or even developed, but it is never too late to start! Even after the deployment of your various technological infrastructures you can still make sure that each part of your software, website or application complies with the predefined standards. Software quality assurance will test each part individually to identify problems before they become major ones.

Why is this important for my company?

First of all, it saves you time and money. SQA allows you to know the different limitations of your website or application and offers you different methods to overcome them if needed. It is possible that your infrastructure experiences a higher traffic during certain periods, thus exceeding its limits.

In this situation, your company’s reputation could take a big hit, with multiple customer complaints and even contract terminations for unsatisfactory service. If customers notice the errors on your website or application before you do, it will have a significant impact on your brand and reputation. SQA can therefore help you keep your customers by offering them good quality service in any situation.

In general, your technology infrastructure must run smoothly, without any malfunctions, to satisfy all your customers’ needs. With software quality assurance processes in place, you can ensure that your infrastructure meets all the expectations of your audience.

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In emergency situations, your customers need to be able to rely on the speed and efficiency of your various technology infrastructures. As mentioned above, you must avoid at all costs complaints or contract cancellations due to a slow website or a non-functioning application. Did you know that, according to the Quebec Insurance Group (GAA), the number of road accidents increases by 30% in winter? As an insurer, you should expect more traffic on your various technological infrastructures. Especially in Canada, Canadian insurers typically experience a nearly 50% increase in auto insurance claims during the winter months.

If you are unsure of the reliability of your website or other application, you can now perform a self-diagnosis of your software quality assurance practices. Our questionnaire is free, and will give you direct access to a report on your QA performance!

To perform your self-diagnosis, click here!

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